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Window Seat: Cozy Nook Adds Storage

I love window seats! Recently, I’ve done a lot of them. My clients have put them in every room in the house. They have teamed them with tables in the kitchen, beneath windows in the bedroom, living room, and in staircases on landings. They even built them into closets and in a bathroom.

Window seats can be very versatile. Often they are built with storage underneath. This can be a great addition where storage is otherwise minimal. Whether the storage is accessed from above through a hatch door, or drawers below, they can really be packed with lots of overflow in any room.

Another popular configuration is snugged in a corner. Here the cabinets can provide banquet seating, as well as storage; in a space that may be limited. Like many smaller homes and condos there is a kitchen-living area. Here a window seat with a table snugged up to it can save lots of space. It can also provide alternate seating in the room. And imagine the extra storage.

Lastly, nothing says “cozy” like a window seat, with beautiful, soft cushions, pillows, a lovely window treatment and a throw to curl up in.

Here’s where Custom Alley Slipcovers comes in. We can provide custom made cushions, pillows in all shapes and sizes, and any window treatment you can dream up. If you love to play with fabric like I do, a window seat can provide a dynamic opportunity to incorporate fabrics into your room. From the practical to the special, window seats can really provide you a chance to express the designer in you.


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