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Fabulous Fabric Focus of Redesign

For this project, we updated the living spaces with new paint, furniture, draperies and accessories. We paired neutral furnishings with bold fabrics. The result: Amazing. Let’s take a closer look at the transformation!

This is the fabric that started it all. Vibrant colors, daring design and full of teture. The panels anchor the living room and the dining room in this open-concept space.


Here, you can see the dining space with the panels on the windows; a custom-made table square, and new paint. In the background is the living room, grounded with the same custom drapery panels.


The living room with our final rug choice. New paint and furniture anchored by the custom draperies, which we brought across the space when we upholstered chairs that were a flea-market find.


We used the drapery fabric to cover these chairs, creating a sitting vignette and bring the bold design across the room.


The panels before we redesigned the rest of the room. The design commands even before the redo. Love this fabric!


Stay tuned for more on this project. We will be back next week with the rest of it, including the kitchen and family room. We had so much fun with this custom project.

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