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Detached Backs 

One thing I hate about attached back cushions is that over time they can crush down, and it is next to impossible to fluff them back up. They can also start to tear away, and only a professional can sew them back.  Finding someone who can do that can be hard and expensive.


Fortunately slipcovering can provide a unique opportunity to fix this problem, because we can detach them.


“How does that work?” You ask. Well, what we do is literally cut the backs off the bodies.  We will make covers for them and they become loose back cushions.  We may need to add some stuffing to them, but the backs can now be revived into shape.

There is a catch. The body of the sofa will be left with the backs cut off.  Deciding to do this will leave the sofas back opened. This means it will always have to have a slipcover on it.  

That may be just fine for a client.  Especially if the original upholstery is already in rough shape or has a pattern that doesn’t work with the decor of the room anymore.

It may be a small price to pay to return those backs to their correct shape.

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