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Natural Fibers


Cotton is the name of the fiber from the cotton plant and also the fabric made from this fiber. Different types of cotton plants produce cotton of higher or lower quality usually  associated with staple length and fineness of the fiber. Certain names for these plants are occasionally seen in advertising – Sea Island, Egyptian, Pima, for instance-to indicate quality of the fiber.


Linen, made from flax which comes from the flax plant, is one of the oldest fabrics known. It is strong and today man-made fibers are often blended with it to improve its wrinkle resistance and give the fabric other desirable qualities. Linen is woven in various weights for different purposes and is occasionally used in knit blends.


The product of the silk worm and the only natural luxury fiber for thousands of years. There were many types of silk and many ways of making it into cloth. Today, man-made fibers have to a very large extent replaced silk.


The term wool is used, usually for the fleece of sheep, but also applies to similar fabrics from such animals as the angora and cashmere goats and the llama. Wool differs from hair and fur in that it has a natural felting ability.    

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