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Home Staging With Custom Slipcovers

I’ve talked about how custom slipcovers quickly modernize and enhance worn-out, old furniture or transform a precise design-style piece into something utterly new and different. But did you know custom slipcovers are also a great way to stage your home ahead of an open house?

A lot of home staging requires an investment that gets left behind – like updating kitchen appliances, painting, landscaping…well you get the picture. But choosing custom slipcovers to stage your home is an investment that you can take with you!

If you’re going to use slipcovers as part of your home staging you might as well do it right. Go big or go home, right? Store-brought, one-size fits all slipcovers won’t cut it, despite promises of shrink-to-fit- on many of the “new” products, unless you’re a seamstress with tons of time to pin and adjust generic slipcovers.

Above left, a client's living room BEFORE we added custom slipcovers. Bottom, right, the after photo. What a difference!

Custom slipcovers, on the other hand, are tailored-made for home staging. Here’s why:

  1. Custom slipcovers are the less expensive way to stage a home than renting furniture for an indefinite time. And you can take the slipcovers with you!

  2. Using custom slipcovers will instantly make your home look and feel like the centerfold of a home design magazine.

  3. Go neutral or go bold. While a lot of home stagers urge neutral tones you can have bold fabrics if you keep the rest of your accessories simple.

  4. Depending on the fabric you select for custom slipcovers, they can be washed and dried for a quick fix if potential homeowners spill on it. It’s less costly and timely than cleaning upholstery.

  5. There’s no guessing when it comes to custom slipcovers. They can either fit like a glove or have a more relaxed fit. Whatever your choice, leave all the details and fitting to the professional who will cut and fit your slipcovers in your home.

The living room, kitchen, master bedroom, dining room, bathroom and child’s bedroom are the most popular rooms for staging, according to the Nation Association of Realtors. The Association also reported more than 30 percent of buyers’ agents said home staging increases the seller’s offer up to five percent.

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