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Making the Final Cut: How We Selected the Perfect Rug for a Living Room Redo

Custom projects can be about how changing just one element in a room alters the look and feel. This week's post is a continuation of a project we talked about last month. In that project, we updated all the living spaces in an open-space concept design with new paint, furniture, draperies and accessories. We focused on the bold monkey-inspired fabric our client choose to anchor the living and dining room.

This week, we're taking a look at how we arrived at the final rug choice (it wasn't easy). Before we get started talking about why rugs worked or didn't work, it's important to remember that it's OK – even preferable – to live with an element for a while to see if it fits into your lifestyle and with your home decor. If you decide you don't like – send it back. You shouldn't live with anything you don't absolutely love! Your home is your happy place – everything in it should bring a smile to your face.

Option 1: The green and beige rug really doesn't do anything for this room. It was lost on the hardwood flooring, and added no contrast at all to the furniture. This was an easy NO!


Option 2: This rug was so beautiful with a velvet feel and all the right colors. When we placed it in the room, though, it didn't provide any weight to anchor the furniture. Even with all those colors, It faded into the floor. It was busy and the design was undefined. Luckily, though, we were able to use this rug in the dining room, where it works wonderfully because the table doesn't needed to be grounded like the sofa area in the adjacent living room. The dining table is a heavy enough piece of furniture that it grounds itself in the space.


Option 3: The third time's the charm, and that was the case with our third and FINAL rug choice. This design is traditional with a bold design that isn't busy. Although, the print is different from the curtains it's still is large in scale. Lastly, the blue band keeps the beige rug from fading into the floor. It acts like an outline, making the rug stand out. This rug anchors the space like a rug should!


We want to know, which of the three rugs you would choose and why? Let us know!

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