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Steps To A Successful Major Renovation

Make sure to check out the full renovation slideshow under our Look Book tab or just click here. Let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

It’s here…finally…the much anticipated living room re-do. It all began when we finally gave in to ripping up 20-year-old carpet in an area with an open-floor plan. Then, we tackled almost-as-old linoleum in the kitchen.

These two rooms flow easily into each other and for a

long time I’d lobbied for creating a unified space by using hardwood flooring. We wouldn’t be matching the original 60-year-old hardwood that covered the rest of the house, but at least we would have one type of flooring throughout the entire upstairs.

We knew this was going to be a MAJOR renovation; especially since I’d purchased a new refrigerator in advance of this work. For years, I settled on a smaller fridge to fit the space, but this time there would be tearing back walls to make room for a larger one. It was so worth it.

Once the floors were done, the rooms needed to be restyled. I started in the kitchen where the window treatments were made for a whole different color palette and were beginning to fade. When I decorate, I use color as an organizing factor. So, I edited out the touches of mauve that remained around the edges. But kept the blues, greens and gold. I choose orange and red to set the new tone. This was a fairly easy choice since the kitchen cabinets have an orange undertone. And so do the huge slabs of granite countertops. The red appears in my mother's antique, stained glass, Tiffany style lighting fixture and the pendant light over the counter.

For the new fabric, I chose a Jacobean print because I’m totally crazy for them!! I replaced the fussy cutaway swags with sleek, board-mounted valences and added a new tablecloth. Once that was done, I refreshed the cabinet soffits, changed the art to one large, statement piece and finally decided on a new centerpiece arrangement. Just last month, I switched out the coral bookshelf for a crème cabinet to open up the space even more.

The entire time I was searching for an area rug for the living room and finally found a great one at Pier One. It’s big, colorful daisies against a greenish background are perfect for the new space. With everything back in place, I realized the crème drapes in the living room were now too neutral and completely washed out the space. Before, the blue carpet added just enough contrast. But now the floor was light, so was rug, and the drapes.

I decided on a window fabric pattern in deep red, rust and blue with a subtle geometric design. This pairs well with a chaise lounge I upholstered in a woven flamestitch.

Next, I slipcovered the tobacco-colored sofas. The color didn’t add any oomph and the fabric was no match for three dogs who shed. Now, the sofas are covered in a rusty, red fabric. It’s just the right punch of color for the space.

It’s finally coming to together as I swapped out chairs and the chaise lounge into new spots and restyle some of the table-tops. During the holidays, I made some additional changes to accommodate my Christmas decorations. I still have some wintry items in place, but overall I believe I achieved my design goals. I love to know what you think, don't forget to share your comments with me.

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