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Update Side Chairs For a New Look, Feel

In the shop this week, we’re working on a small side chair;

a kind of obsession of mine. You can never have too many side chairs! Best of all, they’re perfect for a quick change, either by upholstering or slipcovering. Almost all of mine were a trash pick or a thrift store purchase. Many have received a coat of paint, some haven’t. But all of them definitely got treated to new “clothes” as a way to update and fit into my décor.

A few years ago, I visited a friend who worked at The Painted Ox, a great store in West Palm, Fla. Its concept is to recycle older furniture; a lot were painted but the real charm is the funky fabrics applied to the chairs, making them one of a kind.

Alexis, my seamstress, does the same thing and sells them locally at her Marketplace At Teaberry booth.

So, this week’s inspiring slipcover conversions are of side chairs.

The smallest one was upholstered in a black and cream check.

It also has a loose back cushion that is tied on.

Then, we had large fan-back chairs in the dining room that had their cushions recovered, but their backs were completely reworked into a different shape. It really updated them. They function in the dining room as extra seating. The settee, which technically isn't a chair; but I wanted to include as part of the job, also received a combination of loose cushion cover replacement, and some upholstery to the body. What a transformation!

The other chairs are great examples of what a slipcover can do. Some of these were older office furniture that now fit beautifully into home decor, simply by making them a new dress.

To the right, believe it or not, the slipcovered chair to the right once was the identical companion to this office chair.

Are you obsessed with chairs? I’d love to see you trash to treasure pieces.

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