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How Slipcovers Transform Your Space

Wow; I can’t believe it’s already the first full week of February. Where did the time go? The temperatures were I live indicate warmer weather but real-feel is more like winter temps. Maybe all the confusion is because New Jersey’s groundhog died Feb. 1; the day before his BIG day.

In the time it takes Mother Nature to straighten out, I’m going to take a look this week and next week at some Before and After projects before revealing my living room redo, which I’ve eluded to in a few previous blogs.

Bottom left - BEFORE: The client is updating her home ahead of her daughter’s spring wedding. These chairs belonged to her mother, but they just didn’t fit into her décor. Nor did the ottoman. Enter custom slipcovers.

Bottom right - AFTER: By slipcovering the chairs and the ottoman, we breathed new life into these weary pieces. At that same time, we allowed this client to include décor dear to her in her home.

Another client wanted to slipcover her wing chair in a black and cream ticking. She had a black ottoman, similar to the one below, to go with it. We loved the red ottoman so much, we talked this client into doing the same button treatment. This time the piece needed to be upholstered, because the top comes off and can be used as a tray. We didn't want to lose that feature.

Above left, the chair before the custom slipcover. Above right, the finished chair and ottoman. Do you have a piece of furniture that looks like a "before"? Let's see it, or talk about it. Post your pictures and/or comments.

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