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Decorating For Winter: Tips To Avoid Post-Christmas Blues

Happy New Year! I am still trying to process how quickly the Christmas season has come and gone. Personally, I had a wonderful time of company and lots of parties. Even the shopping wasn’t so hard; although I always feel like the excess needs to change. It puts such a burden on everyone and none of us need anything. But that isn’t a topic for a decorating blog, so…

Every year, I like to make a few special gifts. I was inspired, this year, by a video I saw on Martha Stewart's Upstyle on Etsy. She made a clutch bag bag from from scraps of decorator fabrics…right up my “alley.” So, I found a kit and a pattern and got started.

Using vintage fabrics from my uncle, also my mentor, I made heirloom clutch purses for my nieces. I rarely get to “play” with craft items so this project was fun, fun, fun and my nieces loved their gifts. Being able to use vintage fabric my uncle, who passed away last summer, was so special for me.

I love when I nail a special gift for someone; somehow it makes the season last longer. And that brings me to my next point, I am not quite ready to let go of the season just yet. In thinking about how to prolong it, I spent the week debating what I was willing to put away and what I want to leave up a little longer.

Unfortunately, the tree had to come down last weekend. Its needles and branches were dropping. As I was putting away the tree trimmings, I was thinking about the “be ruthless, not sentimental” blog I mentioned a few weeks ago. Well, it should come as a surprise to no one, that I am as sappy as my tree. And although, it took time to organize all my ornaments; they aren’t going anywhere.

The only way I know how to be ruthless is to let Santa have his vacation and for me that means putting away the North Pole house collection I have featuring Old Kris Kringle. I have a smaller collection of North Pole wood tree houses I am considering leaving scattered around the house.

And my Snowbabies collection, as I mentioned in my Christmas decorating blogs, will probably stay until spring. I received another one as a gift this season. It’s a polar bear wearing a knitted scarf, laying on his back with an angle baby asleep on this belly. It is adorable and I couldn't wait to put him into the mix.

Well, the winter season has finally arrived in my slice of the north east and since it is cold, I am looking for things that will keep my home feeling cozy. I am toying around with leaving some pre-lit trees up a little longer. They bring soft light into darken rooms. And I am in no hurry to take down my lit garland, either. It just gives the house that extra touch of warmth on a cold night, even though it is staying lighter a little longer each day.

Plus, I still have my Christmas cards hanging from the garland. It warms me to see the greetings and photos of family/friends. Next year, I’ll use them as gift tags. See I am way too sentimental to be ruthless where Christmas is concerned! And I love rediscovering who sent beautiful greetings and repurposing them.

Catholics celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas as the Magi make their way from the Far East to the Middle East to see the Christ child. A new friend shared she scatters the three kings of her Nativity scene around the house until the arrive at the stable on Little Christmas, Jan. 6.

I think that is a lovely way to keep the deeper meaning of Christmas alive for her and her family. If you have traditions or tips on how to keep the season going a little longer, we’d all love to hear them.

In the meantime, I am hoping I can weed out a few things. For now, though, I want to languish in the season, which passes way too quickly for my liking.

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