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Easy Use: Weighing Pros of White Slipcovers in Your Home Design

Well, we survived our first major snowstorm of the season. And boy it was a doozy! As I got back to work this week, all the snow made me think about white slipcovers. Here at Custom Alley Slipcovers, we seem to make LOTS of white slipcovers. In fact, this month, I have five different orders for chair slipcovers in white.

As popular as white slipcovers are at the Jersey Shore, some people aren’t sold on the idea. So, I also hear “really? White! Not with my kids, dogs, etc.” White slipcovers, actually, can be very easy to clean. Depending on the fabric, white slipcovers can be treated for stains and even bleached.

The key to successfully incorporating white slipcovers into your home design is fabric. Not all white fabrics are created equal. First, the weight of the fabric is important. I recommend no less than a 10-ounce denim or canvas. Anything lighter may not hold up to a lot of washings. Next, you want to focus on fabric content. I prefer cotton, especially if your home is prone to stains. All cotton can be bleached.

Although, polyester or nylon blends prevent shrinkage better than cotton, an oil stain will most likely not come out. This doesn’t mean they won’t make a good slipcover, just that the stain removal is a little more complicated.

If you’re using all cotton denim or canvas, I recommend pre-washing and drying the fabric. This will help with any shrinkage that might occur. Cut fabric into pieces about 3 or 4 yards; roughly the same size as a full-size sheet. Wash the fabric in hot water and dry it on high. If there is shrinkage, this is the step you want to find that out; not AFTER the slipcover has been made and is being fitted. I tell my client’s to immediately fold the fabric but not to worry about ironing it. I do that as a I go along.

Ok, now let’s talk about how the fabric wears. For this, I always tell my client’s to think about how long some of our jeans last. If the slipover is sewn well, it can hold up to wash and wear for years to come. We look over each individual section of the slipcover before we sew it together. This ensures there will be minimal fraying at the seams, adding to the durability of the slipcover.

Still nervous about trying a slipcover in white? Why not try one on a small chair? It’s a great way to try something classic without making a hefty investment. Who knows you might just find this to be a great option for your design style and your lifestyle.

Check out our Pinterest board for white slipcover inspiration. And as always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions or comments.


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