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Five Inexpensive Ways To Freshen Bedrooms For Your Holiday Guests

With Halloween a week away, there is no denying the holiday season is upon us. My first party of the holiday season will be a Halloween party, and although no one is staying overnight, we are using the guest room.

Here are some ideas to refresh your guest bedrooms for the holiday season. I’ve done this in my own home over the years and for customers, too.

1. Slipcover a headboard – Yes, this can be done. For me, a bedroom isn’t complete without a nice headboard; and if I am a guest I am definitely sitting in bed with my tablet. Having a comfy headboard to rest against is a must!

Below, Slipcovered headboards for two clients. To the left, are the before and after slipcover headboards with patterns. To the right, is a solid white slipcover headboard with pink pipping.

2. Add a new duvet cover – This may seem like a no-brainer but more often than not people think they need to replace their bedding instead of customizing a duvet cover. Fabric choices for this option are plentiful and the change to the bedroom will be dramatic, and inviting.

3. Change out your shams – So you love your duvet, or your comforter, and you don’t want to change it. That’s fine, too. You can still freshen your space with new shams or one really great decorative pillow. Think of this like adding amazing jewelry to a great dress; it just finishes it off. Accessories really let you show your creativity without you having to make a really big commitment.

4. Layer blankets and throws – Like the “Sleep Number Bed,” everyone has a different warm/cold ratio. I find if I have a cotton thermal blanket on the bed, and a duvet, I can cover most preferences. By adding a throw, it adds interest to the room. And it’s there if someone needs a little extra warmth.

5. Bring in a comfy chair. – This is the time of year I like to repurpose furniture from one room to another. In the spring and summer, it’s all about the outside. But in the fall/winter, I like to create a warm and inviting space inside. Switching out chairs from one room to another will give you an opportunity to personalize the room for your guest and for the season; think slipcovering. It’s a great way to repurpose your own furniture or a thrift-store find or something from your folks’ house that needs a little updating.

Below, this photo has all the elements, plus an adorable puppy. This project included changing the slipcover for the headboard, bringing in a comfy chair and adding a custom throw for the bed.

When my friends and family stay with me; they say how comfortable it is, and that they wish they could stay longer. This is music to my ears and food for my soul. Whether you embrace all of these ideas or just one, your guest will feel like they never want to leave.

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