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Before and After: Customizing Your Home

For many of us on the East Coast, the recent weather interrupted our seamless flow from summer to fall (my thoughts are with South Carolina as it recovers. Having lived through Sandy, I know the difficulties. It gets better).

I think I am finally accepting that summer is gone until next June. So, as I put up my corn stalks, place my pumpkins, mums and spooky decorations; I’m realizing Thanksgiving is on the horizon (I swear I won’t mention that other holiday). Now is a great time to think about sprucing up your interiors.

I recently completed a few jobs remaking furniture covers in the dining room. One job was to remake white-denim Parsons Chair covers to a beautiful positive-negative green tapestry, matching it to the new cornices. The transformation was subtle, but significant.

Below top, from left t right, the before and after pictures.

Top, from left t right, before and after cane dining room chairs.

Another client wanted to update her dining room for a reunion she is hosting for a group of friends who worked together 20 years ago. This project could have gone a few different ways since the dining chairs are cane back. We toyed with upholstering the backs with a coordinating fabric to compliment the original seats. There would be no going back once those nails were hammered.

So, we opted to slipcover. One of my favorite parts of this project is that we repurposed drapery from the office to use as the fabric. The colors were perfect in the dining room. She can always remove the covers if she needs and the furniture remains untouched.

I also recently helped a client remove a slipcover I made for summer because she wanted to return her piece to the original warmer chenille. She is going to roll up her sisal rug for the fall/winter; put down her Oriental rug and eventually decorate for C#% (I promised I wouldn’t say it and I won’t) but you know the holiday after Thanksgiving and before the New Year.

Bottom left, the summer slipcover. Bottom, right, my living room. It will all make sense in the paragraph below; trust me.

In my home, I host about 30 family members for Thanksgiving. And this year I am hoping to change my slipcovers from a tobacco color to a rusty red boucle, which I think will really make them pop for the holidays. I’ll post pictures when I am done.

So, if you’re tired of your dining room or living room or if just want to change things up for the fall/winter holidays think about using slipcovers.

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