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How To Decorate With Corduroy

Keeping cool in sweltering heat is hard to do, but last week’s blog on fall decorating got me to thinking about some of my favorite fabrics for the fall. I know it sounds a little crazy to think of heavy, cozy fabrics as temperatures soar toward triple digits.

Still, even as the air condition buzzed in my ears, I couldn’t stop thinking of the not so distant future when I can surround myself with some of my favorite fall fabrics. The first one that comes to mind is corduroy. In fact, one of the first wardrobe changes I make as the temperatures

cool is to replace my light-weight jeans for corduroy ones. It just feels cozy. The nap is velvety, thick and warm, which makes corduroy ideal for warming up a room.

Corduroy is a corded fabric; made by shearing or weaving the rib to produce a soft, smooth, thick nap. Historically, corduroy is made of cotton but can be

made from many different fabric blends today. It has two distinct and different textures, which are identified by the size of the ribs (also called wales). The “wide wales” are large and have a soft, supple feel (think sofa). “Pin Wales” are smaller ribs and feel much stiffer (like your boyfriends’ cords).

So how can you use it in your rooms?

Choose a rich Burgundy, Tobacco or Eggplant colored corduroy, and change your pillows. Maybe have an Ottoman cover made or even switch out your cushion covers.

But you don’t have to stop there; corduroy is a great fabric to include in crafts for fall. It can be used to wrap a wreath or make pumpkins. Make a cozy for flower pots or vases. You can even line your baskets. Soon your house will be warm and inviting.

Corduroy is a strong fabric that gets softer with each washing. It’s the perfect feel-good fabric to wrap yourself in for fall mornings and evenings; all day if you’re schedule permits! These are just some of the reasons why corduroy is my favorite fabric for fall.

Just one caution: the nap can crushed so be careful sitting on it.

Everyone has their favorite corduroy, which one is yours? Tell us why below! And if you have pictures, be sure to share them, too! I love to see how others use fabrics. Next week, I am going to tackle another fall fabric favorite…hmmm…so many choices!

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