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4 Reasons To Slipcover

So, you want to change the look and feel of a room but you aren’t sure if you want the change to be temporary or permanent. Or maybe you aren’t sure if it’s the look or the feel you want to change but you know something DEFINITELY has to give. A coat of paint just isn’t cutting it for you.


Have no fear; you have options and LOTS of them. One word – slipcover! Well, really two words – custom slipcover.

Here are just some of the reasons custom slipcovering is the way to go when you want to change things up.

Custom slipcovers are the less expensive way to change the look and feel of your room; making it easier to preserve furniture and ensure more than one look for the room – if your furniture is in good condition prior to being slipcovered. Often, people wait until their furniture is stained or torn before they consider custom slipcovers. You don’t have to wait that long.

A fan of estate sales, flea markets or thrift stores? Custom slipcovering is a great way to breathe new life into these finds. Or you may want to repurpose a dated but comfy couch from the family living room to another part of the house.

Depending on the fabric, slipcovers can be machine washed or dry-cleaned. And that makes it so much easier to keep your house clean from the germs of sneakers on your couch or muddy paw prints after cuddling with the family dog on a rainy night.

Maybe you want a shabby chic cottage feel, add a ruffled skirt where you have a pleated one now. A skirt can also be long or short. If you have unconstructed pillow backs they can be made more tailored by going from knife edge to a boxed style.

While custom slipcovering offers near limitless options, there are a few common sense things to consider before selecting your fabrics. For example, if you love higher-end fabrics that require dry cleaning but you have a steady stream of teenagers or young children in your house…well that might not be the right choice for a high-traffic family area. Consider fabrics that are more wash and wear like denim, twills, canvas, even damasks. Use the high-end fabrics as a complimentary drape or pillows or window bench in a more quiet space, like your home office or sitting area of your bedroom.

And one last thing about custom slipcovers; they aren’t your grandmothers slipcovers. Custom slipcovers can fit your furniture like a glove or have a more relaxed fit. In order to ensure a perfect fit, custom-fit slipcovers are measured to the exact dimensions of your furniture. The slipcovers are cut and fitted in your home so you won’t be without your furniture.

So the next time you are looking at your room like it needs a change…think custom slipcovers and call me.

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