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Tips To Customize Your Home For Fall

Doesn’t it always seem as soon as summer kicks into high gear, back-to-school clothes, fall and

Christmas decorations are all the rage. Online or in the store, summer clothes are relegated to a dark, cramped corner at the back to make room for fall and winter. I want to scream “Stop rushing my life.”

Secretly, though, I long for the days when endless beach days begin to wane and the air is crisp in the early morning and evening. In those moments, I think about ways to warm up my home for fall. I can’t wait to replace light summer fabrics and bright colors with burgundies, plums, oranges and deep golds. Those colors mimic fall’s most impressive show…turning leaves. I can almost smell a wood-burning fireplace.

Change, of any kind, can be overwhelming. So I like to keep it simple and begin with table clothes and runners. I know…so simple this is almost an afterthought. But I’ve found this easy transformation gets me in the mood to bring in as much or as little color as I’d like without feeling like I am undertaking a huge makeover or renovation.

Keeping it simple, I opt next to change out my candles. Replacing white candles with sand and shells in a hurricane vase with burnt orange or burgundy candles also helps set the tone for fall. I like to pair my candles with pinecones or amber glass beads and to replace glass candle sticks with wood or iron ones. The sense of smell has the biggest effect from this change; my mood gets an instant boost when I get a whiff of something warm, cozy and inviting. These two changes are small but still pack a punch.

Another way to get a big impact with a small change is by introducing fall floral arrangements and for me that includes swapping out my front door decoration. Nothing says fall more than a beautiful wreath made with pods, mums and leaves. Inside, I use vibrant floral arrangements interspersed with pumpkins. I especially love my grapevine pumpkins with twinkle lights; this is a great addition as the days grow shorter and darker. I use decorative pumpkins of all shapes and sizes throughout my home, including a collection on a carved teak tray as a centerpiece on my dining room table.

Now for those changes that aren’t so subtle but are still simple; changing pillow covers and throw blankets. This is another one of my favorite things when I am changing my décor for the different seasons. Custom pillow covers in an array of fall colors really warms up a room. I LOVE this option because I can change fabrics without a larger commitment to drapes or slipcovers. Although, some of us are lucky enough (and crazy enough) to change those as well. Add a warm-knitted throw, again in a vibrant fall color, and bam – you’ll want nothing more than to stay in with a good book or binge watch your favorite television shows.

The last change I make is to my bedroom. Without changing the whole room, I opt for darker sheets or even flannel (my husband can’t wait for those!). This instantly warms up the bedroom. Depending on how I am feeling, I can change out my shams or add a textured blanket to my bed.

Embrace all of these ideas or just a few of them, that’s fine. What’s important is being able to express your style with the use of deep colors, cozy textures and yummy scents. For me, fall decorating is about color, texture but most of all…nature. So bring it inside – all of it! Wherever you can.

Happy decorating! Share your fall decorating tips with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you. Be sure to attach some pictures, too!

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